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French Style! Fine Snakewood Violin Parts (Completed) PJSnake



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  • French Style! Fine Snakewood Violin Parts (Completed) PJSnake

Snakewood grows in south America countries. It's well known because of its special figures. It is the heaviest wood in the world. Snakewood is so rare and expensive, only the most deluxe items in the world use it. For violins, only famous antique use this wood as parts. It will make your violin look and feel totally different. The tailpiece has ebony fret. The pegs have ebony circles and pins. The tailpiece gut and chinrest clamps are made of brass. The wood has been air dried for at least five years. Welcome to discuss the wholesale of this item!
Listing includes:

This listing is for a complete set of violin parts, including:
Four pegs
One Tailpiece
One Chinrest
One Endpin
One Chinrest Clamp (two parts)
One Tailpiece Gut
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