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Top (Best) Model!Snakewood Violin Bows#S16



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  • Top (Best) Model!Snakewood Violin Bows#S16

This Snakewood bow belongs to the TOP Model of YITAMUSIC Snakewood Bow Series.

This bow is a selected bow. 100% hand made by one maker in my workshop from beginning till the end. Considering the factors of density, flexibility and grain, I put this bow into top model of YITAMUSIC snakewood bow series. The feeling of this bow in player's hand is very comfortable, good response, easy control and the balance is very precise.

  printpic1-1.gif picture by yitatech

YITAMUSIC Bow WorkShop: Yin Guohua  

  • 100% hand made by one maker from the beginning till the end
  • "AAA" level snakewood, well air dried, impressive snakewood figures on the whole stick, good stiffness, fast response
  • This bow can easily generate loud sound on the strings

Item Package

Each purchase of this listing includes:
A top snakewood violin bow.

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