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7 violins .13violin bows



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    1)1* An ipe violin bow Best Pernambucowood Bow!Best model !60.9G(203975396467)
    2) 1*Top model ! Brazilwood Violin Bow!choose wood 1/500,excellent performance!63.2G(144602260098) $20.5
    3)1*Best model !A Genuine Pernambuco Violin Bow !E.SARTORYcopy! Weight 62.9G(314035295940)
    4)1*60.3GStrong &Flexibility! A Permanbucowood and Carbon Fiber Hybrided Violin bow (203995824502) $15.5
    5)1* TOP model !A Genuine Pernambucowood Cello Bow,Round , Best performance 80.2G(144606674191) $19.4
    6)1*Best model !A Genuine Pernambuco Violin Bow !E.SARTORYcopy! Weight 63.4G(144614485410)
    7)1*Master perform!Silver mounted!A Best Genuine Pernambucowood Violin Bow !60.3g(314046091413) $61
    8)1*Master piece !AMZING! A Baroque Style dark Snakewood Violin Bow.58.5G(314047710719)
    9)1*German oil varnish! AN Antonio Stradivari Copy VIOLIN !Ready play ,fine tone(203991728217)
    10)1*Oil anti!dark red !A Stradivari 1721 "The kruse" Copy violin,Best model m20+!(144602238143)
    11)1*Oil anti VR!A Guarnieri 'del Gesu' 1744 "Ole bull"Violin!M20+professional Level(203996917661)
    12)1*German oil varnish! AN Antonio Stradivari Copy VIOLIN !Ready play ,fine tone(204000646672)
    13)1*Maggini style!Double purfling! An Artistic T20+ violin Good Projection,Loud open(204004328599) $127.5
    14)1*Amzing !1PC back A T20+Stradivari 1709 "The Viotti" Copy.strong rich,Oil anti !(314046082062)
    15) 1*baroque violin  
    16)2* t-shell violin bows
    17)2* carbon viola bow
    18)1*carbon cello bow
    19 )shipping cost

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